Apple will lose iPhone sales with battery replacements

[Update] iPhone Batteries From Third Parties Might Not Match Apple's Price

That's 16 million current iPhone owners who will opt to replace their batteries rather than buy a new iPhone. See, the update that Apple pushed out to throttle older iPhones showing battery wear - iOS 10.2.1, for those of you playing along at home - was released as a response to reports that iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE were shutting down randomly (which itself was quite a widespread problem).

Barron's picked up on a note from Mark Moskowitz of Barclays projecting a "significant" draw from iPhone sales in favor of subsidized battery replacements at $29 apiece starting immedately.

Apple has slashed the price of replacement batteries for many older iPhones.

In addition, she also stressed that Apple "misled millions of consumers globally into believing that their iPhones were malfunctioning, causing them to upgrade to newer and more costly devices", a move that she said gave the company "unfair sales advantage" against its industry rivals.

The reason behind the performance throttling makes sense: As older batteries degrade over time, they can't cope with the high demands of the iPhone's processor.

[Update] iPhone Batteries From Third Parties Might Not Match Apple's Price

The best way to check your older iPhone's battery life is to take it to an Apple Store. You should know the original battery capacity of your iPhone and then compare it to the one showed in the Raw Data, if it is lesser than the original capacity then you must go for battery replacement. Apple has now started replacing iPhone battery in India at discounted price of Rs. 2000.

The US tech company now announced a $50 reduction in the cost of iPhone battery replacements, down from $79 to $29, and an iOS software update providing updates on iPhone battery health in early 2018. With the iPhone being the primary driver of AAPL stock - last quarter, iPhone sales accounted for 55% of the company's revenue - the news is not good for Apple investors.

Apple shares rose 0.6 per cent to US$173.28 in early afternoon trading in NY. "The company's stock rose nearly 50 percent previous year, largely on hopes for a "super cycle" with the new iPhone X and 8, where a large number of users upgrade".

An Apple store or fix shop will pop the hood of your iPhone 6, 6s, SE or 7 and swap out the battery.

It was only when benchmark results began to suggest that Apple was throttling older devices - something that's been a widespread urban legend for some years now - that the company was forced to explain itself. The firm owned 6,850 shares of the iPhone maker's stock after selling 11,609 shares during the quarter. Kuo says Apple is working to build a single battery cell that fits in the same physical footprint as these two stitched-together battery cells.