Apple’s new iPad Pro is not compatible with any external storage devices

Credit Computerworld

Every current Pencil owner must have panicked about losing this utensil at least once (it can't just be me) so the ability to magnetically attach it to the top of this tablet is incredibly handy.

The wireless charging of the second-generation Pencil replaces the "Lightning" connector nib in the prior Pencil, located at the base of the stylus, under a removable cap.

A new touch sensor has been built into the Apple Pencil that detects taps, introducing an entirely new way to interact within apps.

When it comes to portability, tablets certainly have an advantage over traditional laptops. The new Version of the popular flat Notebooks got a much improved screen with a higher resolution and a fingerprint scanner, the far more expensive Pro models.

It is the biggest change to the iPad since its launch: With the new iPad Pro, Apple has revised its Tablet firmly and with a narrower housing, and a lot of power and some clever Tricks, a quasi re-thought.

The iPad Pro's handsome brushed aluminum backside can withstand a lot of roughhousing, but that doesn't mean it's not impervious to scratches, dings, scuffs, and other such minor blemishes.

You can pre-order or sign up for more information on these iPad Pro skins today, and we'll soon see more options available as these companies get the new models in and are able to test fit the 2018 iPad Pro skins on the actual devices. But one of the most surprising things about the recent announcements seems to be the radical shift in how Apple is starting to treat its iPad Pro 2018. Skin's are an cheap way of personalizing your iPad Pro, keeping it free of scratches and will work with most 2018 iPad Pro cases and the Apple Smart Keyboard.

Next, this model is the first to have a USB-C port instead of a Lighting port, in order to give users "a high-performance connection to accessories like an external display or camera".

The silver iPad Pro, however, is certainly an iconic Apple color.

These price considerations are likely to make it an uneconomical option for existing iPad Pro users. There is also a new Smart Keyboard Folio with a streamlined design that's adjustable for increased versatility. You can also plug in external storage, but only to access photos and videos.

"You should only get a new iPad Pro if you're gonna be pushing its power". Plus, you tend to pay more for storage in an iPad than you do in a laptop. A primarily touch-screen interface is still alien to many workflows.

Aside from hardware, new iPad compatible software came to fruition.