Apple reportedly fires engineer following iPhone X hands-on leak

Blogger Brooke Amelia Peterson said on Saturday in a video that her vlog showing the iPhone X resulted in her father being fired from his position as an Apple engineer

Apple dismissed an engineer after his daughter filmed and shared a hands-on iPhone X video that went viral.

Because of the video, Peterson claims Apple fired her father.

Peterson noted that her family is not upset with Apple and that her father takes full responsibility for the "innocent mistake".

Then, you'll be told to "Move your head slowly to complete the circle", which you'll need to just do two times-and that's it. "They had to do what they had to do".

In addition, Apple provided a review unit of the iPhone X to Steven Levy, who was notably one of the first reviewers of the original iPhone 10 years ago. Apple originally said that it had planned on having 40 million ready to ship by the end of 2017, but issues with the phone's new hardware, such as the Face ID, appear to have complicated matters. Other suppliers from AAC Technologies Holdings in Hong Kong to Lens Technology in mainland China also advanced, tracking Apple's own gains Friday.

The second is that the other videos may well have been officially sanctioned by Apple - it's not clear which clips she's referring to, after all. Nonetheless, she made the video because she loves to and that cost her dad his job. She also shared how she felt her father didn't deserve it but they are not bitter.

For those still hoping to their hands on an iPhone X on launch day, the best bet would be to line up outside of your local Apple Store. On the contrary, her father is kind and grateful to Apple for the time there. The iPhone X, of course, hasn't even been officially released.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently sent out a note to investors, obtained by Business Insider, in which he says he expects all 2018 iPhones to launch "on time", and support the company's new facial recognition system.