Apple Is Finally Killing iTunes After 18 Years

Apple Is Reportedly Dragging iTunes To The Trash Can After 18 Years

USA website Bloomberg News reported Apple plans to phase out the media player that has provided music, podcasts, movies and TV series since 2001 due to the popularity of streaming apps like Spotify.

iPads might get home screen and multitasking enhancements, developers could create a single app for the Mac and iPhone/iPad, and Apple is expected to dig deeper into health by monitoring external environment noise and menstrual cycles. We will know more about Apple's plans for Apple Music tomorrow. MacRumors reported that the cached version of its Facebook page around May 31 will still show the iTunes related posts still up.

Tech giant Apple is expected to announce the end of its music platform iTunes at its developer conference beginning tomorrow. Apple will provide new services that'll support the digital media that iTunes have previously supported.

The iTunes app has been around for over a decade and became one of the company's biggest apps for their business.

Ever since its launch, Apple iTunes has grown into an all-access place for purchasing media content that's not just limited to music but also movies and TV shows. Since Apple is focused on improving their services under Tim Cook's leadership, the new apps it'll replace may definitely do its job well.

What do you think of Apple doing away with iTunes in favor of stand-alone apps?

And if you bought an iTunes gift card, you can redeem it to add credit to your Apple ID balance, and then use that credit to make purchased in the App Store, or upgrade your iCloud storage. Potentially, the new generation Apple devices would be the first to not have iTunes on its systems.

Apple is going to pull the plug on iTunes, almost two decades after launching the application.