Apple HomePod Tips & Tricks: How To Use HomePod Properly

Apple HomePod Tips & Tricks: How To Use HomePod Properly

It's also been lauded for its easy setup process and lovely design.

Another interesting thing that iFixit found is that there's a hidden proprietary port at the bottom, but the port is probably used to program the HomePod at the factory where it's assembled.

And if you enjoy classical music - holy cow, you're in for a real aural treat. Bach's "Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007" performed by Yo-Yo Ma just glides on HomePod. According to Apple, the repairs cost of an out-of-warranty Apple HomePod may set one back as much as $279. Obviously, Siri is super for voice control of specific music or for suggesting playback based on an activity. And will Apple also open up the platform like it did with iOS, enabling developers to build apps in its once restrictive sandbox and making the HomePod truly useful.

Unlike the Google Home, HomePod won't be able to help if you request a Caesar salad recipe.

Apart from the launch markets, Apple has revealed plans to bring the smart speaker to France and Germany this spring. If it does break, though, you effectively end up with a paperweight that may need to be replaced outright.

Sometimes, years pass before Apple creates a completely new product like the HomePod. Not HomePod, however. Well, not directly. While Siri already lags behind Google Assistant and Alexa, Homepod doesn't even ship with usual Siri that you use on iPhone.

For me (and my ears), a pair of Sonos One speakers sounds very comparable to HomePod at the same price. HomePod appears as a device in the Home app but you can't include the speaker in a routine.

The biggest drawback of the HomePod is lack of native Spotify and Pandora support.

And the HomePod won't play music from popular streaming services like Pandora or Spotify. AppleCare+ extends the HomePod's warranty to two years and knocks down the cost of future repairs to a mere $29 each.

The Apple HomePod is here, and as the company's first smart home speaker device, a little bit of lagging behind in terms of features can be expected.

To pair it, on the Apple TV when playing video swipe down on the remote and on the info screen swipe to audio sources and choose your HomePod. If you decide to place it in the corner of a room or near to a wall the speaker will automatically adjust the audio.