Apple brings 'performance management feature' to iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus

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The letter, shared in full by Business Insider, also offers some additional details on whether or not iPhone 8 and iPhone X users could soon be plagued by the same throttling...

Now, in response to questions raised by a US Senate Committee letter, Apple has hinted that performance throttling could be a thing of the past - without offering any more concrete assurances.

Apple has been facing a lot of heat for a recent revelation that it lowers the performance of the iPhone processors in order to keep the battery performance intact.

This news didn't sit well with consumers which ultimately led to Apple adding battery health tools in the latest beta of iOS 11.3. Further, Thune also wanted to know if it is so, "what notice" Apple planned to provide to customers beforehand. According to Apple, this system, allows iOS to better anticipate and avoid the unexpected shutdowns associated with older iPhones. One of the gems included in the letter is the fact that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series won't be slowed down when battery life starts sucking, which is obviously great news for anyone who now owns either phone model and plans to hold onto it for more than a year. And, in the case of hot temperature, the performance management ensures that the device stays within safety limits. The Cupertino-based tech firm explains that " iOS 11.3 improves this performance management feature by periodically assessing the level of performance management necessary to avoid unexpected shutdowns. Such basic performance management is required for safety and expected function, and can not be turned off. Apple had recently slashed the price of battery replacement service across the world after the company was criticised for intentionally slowing down iPhones.

Currently, there is no iOS 11.3 beta 2 for the iPod touch yet, although Apple has said that testing the new features will be available in the future.

Apple did not immediately comment on Thune's statement.

At the time, we told you that Apple might change its mind down the road.