Appel Could Bundle AirPods With 2020 IPhones

Apple is looking to include Airpods With 2020 iPhones

The rumour mill is now reporting that, Apple has reached a point with wireless audio that the company is planning to bundle the AirPods along with the iPhone 12 Pro next year. Or not. Taiwan-based electronics industry publication DigiTimes says it is, though.

The idea that Apple would consider bundling its future iPhone with a pair of AirPods can be interpreted as an extremely generous, if not extravagant move. After all, the Taiwanese outlet was right about the next-generation "AirPods 3" launch, which later turned out to be the AirPods Pro, as well as a few reports connected to the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Furthermore, MacRumors emphasized that it is "pretty skeptical" about the report considering the price at which the AirPods are sold.

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The report comes from DigiTimes, which isn't always spot on with Apple-related predictions but we'll still provide all the details. It's unlikely that Apple would bundle these with the iPhones unless it chooses to raise the price for the 2020 iPhones. Apple had to increase production due to this demand. The Apple Store saw the delivery date slip past the Christmas milestone, reflecting the growing demand for Apple's most popular wearable, but the AirPods are intermittently available at other retailers.

If you missed your chance to get Apple's wildly popular AirPods on sale on Black Friday, don't fret! The company may now want to replace the EarPods that come with iPhones with something more modern.