Apex Legends Ranked Mode And Leaderboards Could Be Coming - Leak

Viewers were first greeted by a serene image of some grass on the Apex Legends stream

After a hard 2018 characterised by sluggish sales and further loss of ground to multiplayer juggernaut 'Fortnite', EA has taken another huge hit after newly released earnings figures of $262 million for Q3 2018 showed that the company missed its $1.38 billion revenue target for 2018 by some way.

Phil Hornshaw, who wrote up our early impressions of Apex Legends and is now putting together our review of the game, earned the necessary 12000 Legend tokens to unlock one of the two Legends when he reached level 23, which took him about 17 hours. More to come on that in the months ahead. "We absolutely are looking at that in the context of Apex", Wilson said in regards to cross-platform play, noting that other games in EA's lineup, particularly Federation Internationale de Football Association, could benefit from cross-play as well. "But we fell in love with Apex Legends and wanted, needed, other people to play it too", Respawn boss Vince Zampella wrote in an update.

It's unclear at this time if Apex Legends will be the game that goes toe-to-toe with Fortnite, but it looks to be a good year for those who enjoy the battle royale experience. This seems to contrast EA's recent earnings report, which states that the studio will deliver another premium Titanfall game by the end of the year. Respawn is no stranger to spin-offs having launched real-time strategy game Titanfall Assault in 2017, however the mobile game was shut down just a year ago. It's still set in the same universe, but it's not Titanfall 3. Color us intrigued! With Respawn's pedigree, it's understandable to be excited, and we can't wait to hear more about this new Titanfall game. We'll be collating all of the official Fortnite Battle Royale update/patch notes and breaking down all the new features added to Epic Games' phenomenon for Android and iOS phones and ...

If you're going to survive the Apex Games, you have to think fast.