Ann Coulter Stuns Raven Symone Into Silence With 'Watermelondrea' Reminder


On Friday morning, the indomitable ladies of The View came out to their gossip Situation Room to Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood", a vengeful anthem that the pop diva swears isn't about Katy Perry (but totally is).

Coulter took Raven-Symone to task after the "View" co-host attempted to grill Coulter on her abrasive rhetoric.

She also warned against the influence of big donors in presidential campaigns and railed against what she saw as the other Republican candidates' lack of specifics on immigration policy.

Indian-born panelist Padma Lakshmi argued that Coulter was generalizing, mentioning that her own mother immigrated to the the 1970s to work as a nurse.

"Donald Trump-he's the one exception to this rule". (For those of you who haven't been following Ann's platform on this issue, let's just put it this way: She's really not into immigrants). "Reagan, Romney Trump, the only men whose lives will be made immeasurably worse by running, and by winning [the presidency]".

After having a little tiff on the proper pronunciation of the word adios, Coulter explains that she backs Donald Trump on his opinion that America should be keeping out people from "very poor, very backwards countries".

Raven-Symone simply mumbled and the interview went right along.

Coulter's remark was a reference to Symone's recent controversy after saying she would not hire anyone who had a "ghetto"-sounding name". Ann said. "Watermelondrea, I mean, you'll insult people for their names, I'm talking about a government policy" she added as a closeup on Raven showed what could only be described as venomous hatred pumping through her veins. Coulter told the gang gathered at Houston Baptist College in that after the November 2012 election, "I think like a lot of us, I was deeply depressed". "So you don't follow it".