Angelina Jolie is annoyed by the rumors, it sets the record straight

Angelina Jolie is annoyed by the rumors, it sets the record straight

The A-lister Angelina Jolie arrived Toronto International Film festival with all her kids who are supporting their mother always.

Indeed, they have denied this rumor at the site Gossip Cop, and they are formal: the actress is in flawless health, and she is more confident than ever in regards to her career, especially after the rave reviews on her new film.

The film, which was screened in Cambodia earlier this year, tells the story of a young girl during the country's 1970s genocide who is forced into the countryside to toil in rice paddies and then take up arms as a child soldier.

She was then joined by Zahara, 12 years old, wearing a dress in red lace, and Shiloh, 11, who wore for the occasion a black jeans and tee-shirt matched as well as a shirt of a lumberjack. She has been spending a lot of time behind the camera including "First They Killed My Father", which is set to debut on Netflix on September 15.

A year after the split from Brad Pitt, Jolie is continuing her career, on Sunday night, she celebrated the debut of The Breadwinner, the actress and producer walked the red carpet with her entire brood.

Angelina Jolie

J. Merritt/WireImageJolie with Vivienne, Shiloh, Knox and Zahara.

Angelina, who told the press, "We're very happy to be here", took the time to graciously pose for selfies and chat with her fans. Jolie added that her return to acting has also something to with not having any film to direct that she felt passionate about like the said film reports E!

She concluded: "One day I just got really nutty and did [the voice] and they fell over laughing".

And while her portrayal of Sleeping Beauty's nemesis may have seemed flawless to those who watched the talented actress in the film, Angelina said she initially had doubts about her abilities. The actress bathed in compliments, noting that she looks flawless.