Android P Beta Is Available For Download, As Announced At Google I/O

Google I/O 2018: Android TV Update to Bring New Setup and Autofill; ADT-2 Launched For Developers

Android P will also have new navigation changes that will make interacting and multitasking on your phone a more intuitive experience.

The new Android P will also bring smart gestures and it will be prepared for bigger screens, notches and phones without a home button.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai and executives said the company aimed to improve "digital well-being" for users whose lives are dominated by mobile phones and other technology. Basically, Android P will use deep learning to know which apps need to run in the background and which ones can be killed to save power. It took some getting used to on the iPhone X but after six months, I find it much more seamless to use than a home button. Google wants to help users combat smartphone addiction by introducing a new feature in the operating system that allows people set time limits for the apps they use. Most other OEMs are going with Google's solution. This is why Google has made a decision to use the I/O 2018 and present its users with new features which will make the Android TV experience easier and faster.

Users can now share estimated time of arrival with their contacts without touching the device.

Android P is available in beta right now and is expected to ship to select Android devices this autumn.

Once activated, when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen, you get to the new recent apps view which has a card based system, similar to Web OS on the Palm Pre all those years ago. Furthermore, there's also the introduction of something known as suggested settings which essentially reminds you of a step that you may have skipped during setup by highlighting it in the Settings menu whenever you open it. Of course, Google doesn't call it a notch but a "cutout" instead.

Google 's next version of Android has new tools that will help users fight their smartphone addiction. This update will enable Google Assistant to make calls and schedule appointments with doctors or salons, or even make reservations at restaurants.

However, one major drawback of the Google lens feature is that it struggles to identify handwriting and search information that is not always on point or thorough.