American Horror Story Cult premiere

American Horror Story Cult Invites Viewers to Join the Creepy Clown Ranks

To be clear, we're elated and this is magnificent news.

Election night is the starting point.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesday nights on FX.

Perhaps in the world of AHS: Cult, Trump's election incites Helter Skelter, which would explain why Kai, a Manson-inspired character, was so overjoyed by Trump's win. The clowns went after Ally before Winter or Kai met her, but it seems far from coincidental that Winter happened to be watching Oz when they showed up on the family's street.

Though the season is due to offer many of its usual twists and turns, Murphy calls the cycle a "grounded" one and compares it to common fan-favorite season Asylum.

We meet Kai Anderson as he attends a sparse town hall meeting, protesting an initiative to allocate funds for religious protection.

"Above all people love fear", he says. Although he doesn't specifically say this, he's miffed with society's desire to censor in the name of protection. My theory is that he's batshit cray. One of the victims was a city council member who shot down Kai's police proposal.

Later on, Kai shows up where several hispanic men are hanging out.

Paulson is playing an unhinged woman perfectly, and Ally surely has more than her fair share of problems.

Giant red noses fit into the larger Trump-world narrative because Ally is dealing with a serious clown phobia that's resurfacing at least in part because of her election angst.

He prescribes her a couple minor medications, and we exit the scene acknowledging their friendship. Winter put her college education on hold to campaign for Hillary and is equally stunned by the election results - especially when her brother mocks her with his orange dusted face. He's also missing a hand, which is notable but not immediately important.

Instead of hauling her butt back home, Ally decides to mosey on into the empty AF grocery store. I'm not going to make excuses for that. She hurls bottles of rosé at the assailants and runs to her vehicle, where one of the figures waits for her.

Beyond (though not totally removed from) the political themes explored, the premiere is focused on clowns-creepy, creepy clowns that make Pennywise look like a charming addition to a children's birthday party. I mean, how do you beat that horrifying upside down crawling girl?

This may pave the way for Ally and Kai to get together like Murphy has teased. "I think that we've been very careful to be fair".

Winter is a bit of a conundrum. Understandably, she drives right into a parking lot light. Soon - we'll get to that. One character complains about a news report not coming with trigger warning while others berate their own partners for not voting (or voting for Jill Stein).

There was also this scene, where Kai filled a condom with urine then threw it at bystanders after hurling a racial slur. Trump's rhetorical talent for stirring the fascist beast that lurks within the national character merely helped the show seem more conceivable and therefore more frightening. She logs into the dark web, making him watch videos of people dying. Ally exclaims. "I tried, you know that I did". Did these murderous clowns really kill the Changs next door? You see him on Facebook, in the news, on late-night talk shows, on Saturday Night Live, in papers, hear about him at work from a supporter or naysayer. The Changs have died, according to. There is no evidence as to what Ally described. Ally moans. "Oh my God, how could they have been so wrong about this?!" American Horror Story spoilers state that Cult will be much more realistic in that sense.