Amazon Waterproof Kindle Oasis Is Primed ForPoolside

Above Kindle Oasis New vs. Old Image Credit Paul Sawers  VentureBeat

While Kobo is now into its second generation of bath-proof devices, Amazon has only just introduced the feature - and then it's only the latest, pricey flagship Kindle Oasis that benefits.

The new Kindle has two storage variants namely the 8 GB which is for Rs 21,999 and the 32 GB (3G + free Wi-Fi) which is for Rs 28,999. The upgraded model has a slightly larger 7 inch display with an aluminum back. It has three times more LEDs to light up the screen than the regular Paperwhite for a bright, even illumination. And when your battery does eventually run low, Amazon says that fast-charging capabilities allow the Oasis to go from a 0 percent charge to a full charge in less than two hours.

Since the new Kindle Oasis doesn't feature speakers or a headphone jack, users will have to connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to start listening to their audiobooks. This means you won't have to worry about damaging it when you're sunning yourself by the pool, or reading in the tub.

"Kindle" has indeed become synonymous with "e-reader" over the past decade, but that doesn't mean Amazon will enjoy the same kind of Kindle success over the next 10 years. This is the first waterproof Kindle. As it knows what page you're on, it will know where to start the audio and vice-versa. Why the Oasis? Because the Kindle Oasis is waterproof.

In profile, this updated Oasis doesn't even look all that different from its predecessor.

That battery is good for 6-weeks of reading and there's now 12 LED illuminators down the side to front light that E Ink panel. Last year's Oasis relied on an electroplated metal alloy over a standard plastic case.

You can now invert the black and white on the display, which will be particularly useful if you're reading in bed at night. The optional flip covers might have lost their battery-boosting abilities as a result, but a month and a half should be enough for just about anyone. More importantly it's faster, down to both hardware and software improvements. The new font sizes and ragged-right alignment will be made available to the sixth-gen Paperwhite and 2013 and later Kindle devices. Text can be set to bold and readers can now select from an increased number of size options, up from eight to 14.

The new model is cheaper, with a bigger screen and a bunch of new perks including water-resistance and audio book support. Instead you'll need Bluetooth headphones to take advantage of this feature.