Amazon promises fix for creepy Alexa laugh

The Verge

"Sure, I can laugh".

Some people recently started reporting that Amazon's voice-activated digital assistant, often packaged in microphone- and speaker-bearing Echo devices, has laughed, unprompted. "I still get chills".

Amazon told The Verge it was "aware of this (issue) and working to fix it".

Rival voice-activated devices have been launched onto the market to compete with Alexa in the a year ago including the Google Home and Apple HomePod.

Some Echo users responded by turning off their devices.

Since the incident, dozens of other Alexa users have reported of the laughing instances. One Reddit user said that Alexa laughed after the command, "Alexa, patio off", which could sound vaguely like, "Alexa, how do you laugh?"

According to reports, one owner was greeted with an "evil laugh" after asking Alexa to turn the lights off, but not before she attempted to turn them back on.

Amazon's widely used artificial intelligence, Alexa, has begun exhibiting some odd behavior which has been rightfully freaking out owners of some of the gadgets it is installed in, such as Echo and Echo Dot.

Alexa is the personal assistant that drives Amazon's Echo products. Multiple people have confirmed that their Echos have "gone rogue" with fits of laughter as if they somehow had their amusing bone tickled.

Another user responded to the comment to say, "Holy crap this happened to me and I [thought] I was alone".