Amazon plans to add new command to Alexa devices

Amazon unveiled the new “Echo Show 5” today

Schaub emphasized that the "delete what I just said" command is especially important since it removes something from your history after realizing at the moment that something could be sensitive. Amazon said its employees don't see personally identifiable information attached those recordings, but Bloomberg later reported that workers could access location information for Alexa users, including home addresses.

Amazon's move also comes as other technology giants make a point of touting their own efforts to safeguard user data.

"The compact form factor is flawless for a bedside table or desk, plus it has a camera shutter for added peace of mind, and new Alexa privacy features for even more control".

The cutdown version not only offers the same features but also provides the same user experience on a lower scale, of course. Google's Home Hub, released late past year and recently rebranded as the Google Nest Hub, was clearly in response to Amazon's larger Echo Show. Ensuring privacy controls on the device, Amazon has integrated the Echo Show 5 with a button that puts the physical camera shutter in motion.

As with other smart home devices, you can control and manage other gadgets from the Echo Show. When your alarm goes off in the morning, wake up to an Alexa Sunrise-the screen on Echo Show devices will naturally brighten and display a sunrise animation before your alarm goes off. Plus, Echo Show 5 has a built-in camera shutter so now you can easily cover the camera, while still being able to talk to Alexa. You can also program the home screen to show photos or choose from a series of included designs.

Your smart home hub is about to get a whole lot sleeker thanks to Amazon's newest device.

Amazon Echo Show 5 price in India has been set at Rs. 8,999.

The Echo Show 5 can be used to stream music while displaying song lyrics, viewing input from security cameras including Amazon's Ring video doorbell, and making video calls to the Alexa app, Skype, or other Echo smart displays devices, as well as having the same capabilities as smart speakers such as the Echo and Echo Dot. Both are available at and will start shipping in Australia from next month.