Amazon Officially Announces The Fire TV Cube

Amazon is bringing Alexa and Echo to France this month		
	Brian Heater

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Amazon said that its Echo Look, an Alexa-powered device that will give you fashion advice, is generally available in the U.S. The launch could popularize computer vision use cases.

But Amazon's new device is the first time the company has bundled a Fire streaming device with something resembling a complete Alexa experience, a bet that the popular digital assistant might prove as useful to people in managing their entertainment system as Echo speakers were in the kitchen setting timers or playing music.

What differentiates the Fire TV Cube from its predecessors-aside from its unique cube shape-is that it's truly a hybrid device. When you get home, for example, a simple verbal command like "Alexa, watch TV" can power on your gear and even turn the room lights on.

Amazon Fire TV Cube uses far-field voice recognition with eight microphones to hear you even from across the room.

'And, it's just the beginning.

Fire TV naturally offers a wide range of programmes and the functions here are similar to the regular Fire TV, supporting 4K HDR streaming content as well as offering Dolby Atmos - as long as your TV or receiver supports it. For comparison's sake, the Echo Dot has a regular price of $50 (currently $40) and the Fire TV costs $70, but neither can do the Cube's IR magic.

The Fire TV Cube is now available for pre-order in the US for $119.99 and ships with an IR extender cable and Ethernet adapter starting June 21.

Today Amazon announced the new Fire TV Cube.

Advanced beam-forming technology combines the signals from the individual microphones to suppress noise, reverberation, content now playing, and competing speech.

Apart from this, Amazon's Fire TV Cube is also capable of its compatibility extension for cable companies like the DISH, Comcast, and DirecTV.

Users can also pre-order the Fire TV Cube and Amazon Cloud Cam for $199.98, which is a $40 savings. The addition of IR control is definitely what sets the Fire TV Cube apart.

After making a request for, let's say, the Real Housewives of NY, the Cube will respond by serving up the user's cable, satellite box or some streaming apps. It also supported voice and visual input, though in a more rudimentary form than Alexa's more developed set of skills. This includes being able to use your voice to control streaming apps like Hulu and PlayStation Vue as well as HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ through Amazon Channels.