Ali G addresses race row at the Oscars

Ryan seacrest and sacha baron cohen oscars

Sacha Baron Cohen has revealed he had to sneak his Ali G get-up into the Oscars because bosses did not want him to present an award in character. In an already racially-charged evening, however, one thing that stood out for its humor and poignancy was the unexpected return of Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G character.

The 44-year-old actor teamed his tuxedo with his famous white wannabe rapper character's sunglasses and hat and addressed the audience about diversity when he stepped out to present the Best Picture Academy Award with Olivia Wilde, who looked on silently as he spoke in support of "all people of all colours".

"How come there is no Oscar for all them hard working yellow people with tiny dongs, you know, the minions?" "And of course that wonderful black bloke from Star Wars..."

Arm raised in solidarity, Ali added, "Dis is for you".

Ryan and Sacha at the 2012 Oscars
Ryan and Sacha at the 2012 Oscars

Four years ago, Sacha Baron Cohen purposefully spilled "ash" on Ryan Seacrest during his Oscars red carpet interview - and apparently, the E! host hasn't forgotten the comedian's ~joke~.

There were lots of memorable moments at last night's Oscars ceremony (and more than a few odd and boring ones).

But maybe let Ryan Seacrest finish talking to Lady Gaga first?