Aldi and Lidl will close early if England in final

England’s Dele Alli did the Fortnite dance after scoring against Sweden

Now, charity Bloodwise is jumping on the World Cup fever and is urging everyone to get involved in "Waistcoat Wednesday" by donning one of their own to watch England take on Croatia in their semi-final match.

So, if the Moscow semi-final promises to be the most glamorous occasion of Alli's career, then what was the least? He wouldn't give it to me.

"I think it will be a hard game for Croatia".

Thinking back to a time when a World Cup final must have seemed an implausible prospect, Alli said: "Straight after that game you want the floor to eat you up. I wasn't going to give him mine - I just wanted his".

"I think France and Belgium have proven to be really good sides". I always say a prayer, the same prayer, before the game.

Tentatively, I asked him if it was too private a question to ask what it was precisely that he always prays for. "Even speaking to my family, I didn't feel like I was playing well, especially in the first half", he added.

"It's quite unusual for me to witness all the hype and the crowds and how excited they are because that's what it must have been (like) in Italia 90 when we got to the semis", he explained.

"I remember it. he said something", Alli recalled with a smile. I didn't shout "megs". "Some people when they nutmeg (someone), they call it, but it's never been something I've done". "I'm not going to focus on that, but it would be nice!" When Gareth came in it was the first time we relived it.

With Modric and Rakitic controlling the midfield, Croatia have had more possession than their opposition in four of five games at the World Cup.

"We also feel we've had events on when we've been in camp when some of those guys [from the 1966 squad] have been in, when the road was named at St George's [Park National Football Centre, England's training base at home] after Sir Alf [Ramsey, the World Cup-winning coach in 1966]".

"We have some unbelievable players and a great manager and everyone is clear on what we want to do and when you have such a solid foundation, it's not a surprise that it's going well for us".

You may well have switched on your TV set at the weekend expecting an exciting game of footy between England and Sweden - which indeed it was.