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Air Traffic Controller Accused of Having Weapon of Mass Destruction

Paul George Dandan an air traffic controller at Charlotte Douglas International Airport was picked up by feds over possessing weapons of mass destruction

A North Carolina air traffic controller was arrested Friday for allegedly having a weapon of mass destruction, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said.

The Charlotte Observer reports that Dandan did not have the weapon of mass destruction at the airport at the time of his arrest.

Fells told police in Charlotte he had meant to use the bomb against a neighbor with whom he had been arguing, but changed his mind and gave it to Paul Dandon, 30, a full-time employee of the Federal Aviation Administration based at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Police said it was found at Dandan's apartment.

WCNC-TV reported the two men are roommates.

In a statement, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport said Dandan did not have access to any aircraft. Dandan was being held on $45,000 bond, while Fells' bond was $60,000.

Investigators have yet to reveal what kind of weapon was in Dandan's possession.

In March of 2015, Dandan was arrested and charged with assault on a female.

Detectives with the CMPD, however, obtained warrants for the arrest of both men on Friday, November 10. Dandan's roommate was arrested for having bomb-making materials, which were not at the airport.

Fells was charged with three counts, including manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction.

According to CMPD, Charlotte Douglas Airport said Dandan only had access to the offsite air traffic control tower and could not access any restricted areas of the terminal or ramp.

Police say Fells planned to use the bomb against a neighbor but changed his mind and gave it to Dandan.

Dandan was sacked from his job as an air traffic controller at the airport as a result.

It can also be in the form of a poisonous chemical, a weapon involving a disease organism, or one that is created to release deadly radiation.