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Air China seeks Boeing compensation for 737 Max delays

The logo of China Eastern Airlines is shown on a panel at a check-in counter at Hong Kong Airport

Air China, China Southern and China Eastern may take joint action in seeking compensation from Boeing, Bloomberg reported.

China was the first country to ban the 737 Max from its skies following the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

O'Leary said he expects the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to return the jet to service in June or July after the approval of fixes, followed by the European Aviation Safety Agency a month later.

Elwell said he plans to share the FAA's safety analysis to date on Thursday, but said the agency is still waiting Boeing's formal software upgrade and emphasized the FAA has not decided on the revised training requirements, Reuters reported.

A return to service for the Max after two crashes in five months must come with new simulator training for pilots, including experience handling the aircraft without the so-called MCAS anti-stall function blamed for the tragedies, Horne said.

The US was one of the last countries to ground the 737 Max in March following the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

This triple request for compensation comes at a delicate time in Sino-U.S. relations as both countries are involved in a tit for tat trade war that has seen the United States impose a $200 billion tariff on Chinese imports.

Tajer also refuted Boeing's suggestion that pilot error could have contributed to the disasters, and said Boeing had built a plane that was "irrecoverable" when it malfunctioned.

More than 40 countries, including China and the US, grounded 737 aircraft in the aftermath of the Ethiopian Airways crash in March that killed 157 people.

Dupuis said she "cannot speculate on the timelines" for approval of the 737 MAX by the FAA or Canadian officials.

On March 10, a 737 Max jetliner of Ethiopian Airlines crashed shortly after taking off from Addis Ababa, killing all 157 people on board, including 8 Chinese.

"The safe return to flight is paramount".

A Boeing 737 Max 7 lands at Boeing Field in Seattle after a test flight to evaluate the MCAS software fix.

The list of foreign regulators includes delegates from Indonesia and Ethiopia, where the two crashes occurred before the plane was grounded worldwide in March. Siblings of 29-year-old engineer George Kabau, who perished in the ill-fated flight, said they wanted to force the company to release documents and emails relating to its 737 MAX 8 model.

But Ajay Singh, chairman and managing director of the budget Indian carrier SpiceJet, which reportedly operates 13 Max jets and has almost 200 more on order, told The Financial Times he expected the aircraft to be back in the air by July.