Agitated LeBron James takes over huddle as Cavs struggle vs. Raptors

Agitated LeBron James takes over huddle as Cavs struggle vs. Raptors

There was the quick and lanky young Wright perplexing the undersized Isaiah Thomas, and two fast threes for Miles. Toronto is trying to solidify themselves as a true contender in the East, and a win in this game will put the National Basketball Association on watch.

And they haven't even been close.

Unfortunately for them, their next game trumped that one. The headlines from Toronto's 133-99 blowout win over Cleveland were more about the Cavs' struggles than the Raptors' success.

Last year's Cavs squad finished the season 22nd in defensive rating and generally proved that they could flip the proverbial switch in the postseason when they all cared.

However, there's a realistic chance that might not happen.

Cleveland has won just two of its last eight games, and a youth movement is needed along with more defense for both inside and on the wing. So when Irving witnessed a video of James laying into his Cavaliers teammates on Thursday night, it elicited an impulsive - or perhaps intentional - response from the Boston Celtics guard, which manifested itself in the form of an Instagram like.

Further, Cleveland's margin of error in those seven losses was 14.7.

Since then, though, the Cavs haven't been almost as impressive and, currently, Cleveland is in the midst of a losing spell with six defeats in eight games. Not only a lack of execution could be the root cause of the struggles, but effort could also be a factor, especially when trailing.

Based on the Cavs' recent performances, the presence of a rim protector like Jordan would be a welcome change. LeBron James had his comments regarding what Lue implied about the team.

"We're in a funk", James told ESPN after the game. "It's not for everybody. It was a good win for us and we're looking forward to trying to come out again and try to do it again on Saturday". "Family is not always about a bed of roses".

James was understandably frustrated, and he was caught on cameras in the first half of the game lashing out at his team-mates and assistant coach Phil Handy, after Pascal Siakam dunked with little resistance. That's true and Cleveland likely won't consider Toronto a real threat until they provide a post-season scare. It's got to start with us, everybody getting back to what we were doing.

Frustration is building in Cleveland, and some of it reportedly has to do with LeBron James and his playing style.

Judging by his mid-game takeover of the huddle seen above, it's obvious that he's extremely passionate about improving, but if that passion turns into frustration, it could definitely spell trouble. After beginning the season 5-7, they rattled off an 18-1 stretch before falling into the current slump.

DeRozan makes up for the lack of threes by mastering the mid-range game and by getting to the line. Making matters worse, the Cavs are also near the bottom of the league in defensive rebounding percentage and overall rebounding percentage.

Asked what he meant by "agendas", Lue declined to elaborate, saying he meant "just what I said".

While his usage is down by over four percent from past year, DeMar DeRozan is having his most efficient season for the Raptors, with a true shooting percentage of 58.0% and an offensive rating of 112.8.

"I've been in this spotlight for half of my years". I don't have them.