Actor Randy Quaid says Canada could deport him next week

Randy and Evi Quaid

American actor Randy Quaid, the older brother of Dennis Quaid, said Wednesday he was detained by Canadian border authorities during a regular appointment on Tuesday.

Quaid, 65, and his wife fled north of the border in 2010, saying they were the victims of persecution. They claimed that their lives were in danger in the US ecause of "Hollywood star-whackers".

The whole odd saga of the Quaids and Canada began in 2010, when Randy and Evi sought refugee status with our polite northern neighbors after being charged with squatting in a California home.

Contacted Thursday, a CBSA spokeswoman did not say whether the removal would proceed or provide any further explanations.

"At this point, I desire nothing more than to fully co-operate with any restrictions or conditions", Quaid said.

I probably will get arrested for all that (in California).

He said the couple's behaviour, statements and videos they posted to social media, including a sex tape, were an act and a way of expressing themselves. "I'm releasing you right now because there's no reason to detain you, there is no breach, there is nothing under the law that would permit me even to deprive you of your freedom". "For 40 years I was well respected", he told the AP.

Randy was denied permanent residency and subsequently skipped an interview to discuss his status with officials at the Immigration and Refugee Board in 2013.

Quaid failed to show up for a meeting with the Immigration and Refugee Board in 2013, and the Canadian government lost track of his whereabouts.

In a sketchy account, TMZ said a law enforcement source in Santa Barbara - "where Quaid has several warrants out for his arrest" - said Quaid would be seized after he's brought back to the United States.

Carter said Quaid and his wife, Evi, also face felony charges for failing to appear at a November 2010 court hearing while out on bail. He was also nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar in 1973 for his role in "The Last Detail".


Evi Quaid, whose father was born in Canada, was granted citizenship in 2012.