About 30 arrested in Baton Rouge protests, officer draws weapon

Black Lives Matter activist De Ray Mc Kesson left the Baton Rouge jail on Sunday. Mc Kesson and more than 120 other people were taken into custody in Louisiana over the past two days

New Orleans residents account for almost half of the 50 people who were arrested Sunday in Baton Rouge at protests over deadly police shootings. They were demonstrating against the killing of Philando Castile, a school nutrition services supervisor. At one point numerous police cars, with their blue lights flashing, sped off down the street where a smaller group of protesters had walked.

As the woman stood motionless, two of the officers, clad all in black armor and moving swiftly in tandem, reached the woman, grabbed her by the arms and pulled her back behind the line of riot police. Let me be clear: "you can exercise your First Amendment rights without breaking the law".

The affidavit indicates that homicide investigators sought the search warrant and retrieved surveillance video from the Triple S Mart a few hours after Sterling was pronounced dead. Police from various states assisted Baton Rouge, and troopers from New Mexico and MI accused police there of harassing blacks, using unnecessary force and conducting illegal searches. Critics of the incident have argued that since Sterling was seemingly immobile in the videos and was not holding his gun, he was not in fact a threat and therefore the shooting is another example of excessive use of force against a black man. Abdullah Muflahi, the owner of the convenience store that Sterling was reportedly selling CDs outside of, filmed the video. Police said that Sterling - who was a convicted felon and barred from legally carrying a gun - was armed and an eyewitness said he had a gun in his pocket. ". You shot four bullets into him, sir". "They were cornered by officers far more equipped than we were". They took my security camera videos. I don't want the death penalty for them. "Otherwise, what proof do I have?" On Monday, Moore recused himself from the investigation, citing his relationship with the parents of one of the officers involved in the shooting. The Department of Justice has opened an investigation into his death, which has angered many in the black community. She accused police of acting in an "inflammatory" manner and said an officer had pointed a rifle at her and other protesters before her arrest. He has also called for unity and has urged protestors to remain calm as the investigation is conducted. The video, which surfaced on Tuesday evening, shows a portion of the struggle and the shooting.

While offering his condolences to "the police officers not only slain but injured as well", Edmond Jordan told People he believes the shooting suspects saw the Black Lives Matter protest as an "opportunity".

The photo garnered messages of respect and admiration from friends and supporters on her Facebook wall.

"She told me that they jumped all on her and her cousin on the grass".

In the clip, you can hear Reynolds plead with both God and the officer concerning Castile's life. "He was just getting his license and registration, sir".

Both officers were placed on administrative leave after the shooting, which is standard procedure.

"I can assure everyone we are hearing the protesters", the governor said. Dayton subsequently requested a federal investigation into the shooting.

McMillon called Sterling a good father to their son Cameron, 15, who broke down in sobs at a rally outside City Hall earlier this week.

It's going to come down to if prosecutors think the police had Sterling subdued or not.

Over the past two days, authorities made more than 160 arrests in Louisiana's capital, Baton Rouge, during protests over killings by police, with only one reported injury among the ranks when an officer was hit by a projectile.

"We don't want to be profiled as African-Americans, we also can't profile law enforcement because the supermajority of them are trying to do the right thing", he said.

"I've been in active in the community for years".