'A Wrinkle in Time' is a big leap for its teenage star

The cast of A Wrinkle

I was in NY and I was working on Broadway and I said, 'They're gonna tap my shoulder and tell me to get out, They're gonna be like what are you doing here?' But I keep going back to that thing of saying if I'm feeling this way, all I need to do is acknowledge I'm feeling this way and take myself out of the equation.

The one absence that can't be overlooked, however, is the dramatic shortening of the book's planet-hopping sequence.

Dr. Murry's daughter, Meg Murry (Storm Reid), must now travel throughout the universe with the help of the three Misses: the headstrong Mrs. Whatsit (Reese Witherspoon), the deeply educated Mrs.

DuVernay's take on A Wrinkle In Time features masterful imagery and stirring performances from standout actors like Storm Reid, whose portrayal of Meg Murray is certainly worthy of the praise she has received. Deric McCabe is equally impressive as her little brother, Charles Wallace, and Oprah's mere presence is as powerful as promised.

Meg learns this when she's visited by three other-worldly deities/creatures/beings/what-are-these-things?, known as the Mrs. - Mrs. It was so fun! She quotes Shakespeare, Gandhi and other notable figures throughout the film. You start caring more about her as a character, but only for a short time, as the film closes too soon. Based on my overview so far, you may be able to guess how it ends. The journey feels too short and abrupt, not almost enough to prepare either the characters or the audience for the final battle, and because of that the ending feels oddly too long. She goes through the usual pre-teen struggles while dealing with the loss of her father. And they all proved to be polarizing movies with a great many fans and detractors who love and hate the adaptations with equal and opposite levels of passion. She really values the creative process and the people that surround her that are helping craft her vision. Initially, she set her sights on a career in journalism, but an internship at CBS News quickly changed her trajectory. As the nearly frighteningly precocious Charles Wallace, Deric McCabe is able to portray the characters intense intelligence without becoming obnoxious, a feat for a child of that age. The film goes some dark places, as all the best children's films do, but its honest and genuine message will resonate with children who are going through these same feelings. The focus is strictly on Meg, brother Charles Wallace and Meg's newfound friend Calvin (Levi Miller).

I just don't get it.

Storm Reid is Meg Murry.
Storm Reid is Meg Murry. Disney

Some parts of the movie may be a bit confusing even for adults.

And throughout this fantasy book, "A Wrinkle in Time" provides timeless examples of how empathy and vulnerability can help boys and girls forge the kind of friendships that make each party stronger than they would be on their own. "She makes the most distant dreams and ideas a reality", he wrote. I can only picture kids trying to wrap their heads around it, but maybe it's inventive enough to not matter.

My favorite children's films growing up were always a little weird. It was imaginative, colorful and had just the right sprinkle of science fiction.

Our young heroine Meg is the bright, much-loved daughter of two NASA scientists. They showed the sacrifices made in the name of scientific discovery and the power of the mind, light and love.

As Disney releases the big screen adaptation of "A Wrinkle in Time", the history behind its religious controversy has once again surfaced.