6 tools to tweak Windows 10 Start Menu


The new build, 14342, takes some big steps forward in Edge's extension support.

When Windows 10 was originally released, Microsoft added a controversial Wi-Fi password sharing feature called Wi-Fi Sense.

Some time this summer, Microsoft will add fingerprint support to Windows 10 Mobile, giving mobile users another security option, SlashGear said.

In the meantime, the company is now testing a Windows 10 anniversary update and is predicted to release it by the end of July.

Some users have complained that after installing Build 104332 on its Lumia 950, his accounts were missing from the update, but he restarted his phone and regained access to his accounts, but other users didn't have his luck. Coming to WhatsApp for Android, the app too has been provided with an update that brings along several new features. You could increasingly buy a new version of Windows at an upgrade price and put it on your old hardware, removing one of the primary reasons why people might otherwise buy a new PC.

You can see screenshots of the app below or head over to the Windows Store here to download it.

At least you can easily remove these promoted apps tiles, as Neowin notes-all you need to do is right-click them and unpin them, and you can readily remove any such apps that you do install. Given Microsoft's focus on the feature, it is safe to say that every upcoming device on Windows 10 could be packed with the feature.

The new service is being developed with help from Microsoft Research and the OneDrive team, and it will use machine learning systems and data-mining techniques, so it's likely that it will employ content stored in the cloud to offer new capabilities to users.