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45K barrels of bourbon reportedly destroyed in Jim Beam warehouse fire

Jim Beam

Jim Beam is the world's largest bourbon brand.

The runoff could create low dissolved oxygen levels, which could have a serious impact on the aquatic life in the river.

Fire crews were able to put out the flames at the second warehouse. Chandler said it may have been caused by lightning.

The nearby creek became contaminated by the incident, leading to many fish being killed.

According to the Frankfort Plant Board, the Kentucky River can still provide drinkable water. The warehouse that was destroyed contained relatively young whiskey, Beam Suntory said, the loss of which will not impact availability.

Roney also said, "We routinely monitor and sample both the treatment plant and distribution system, with the goal to meet and exceed water standards and to protect our customers".

"I was standing 100 yards away (from the warehouse), and it's hot", Chandler said.

A fire broke out at a distillery in Woodford County, Kentucky, July 2, 2019. "We have a comprehensive warehouse safety program that includes regular inspections and rigorous protocols to promote safety and the security of our aging inventory".

A local business, Woodford Feed, is supplying sand to contain runoff from the fire, so that it doesn't spill into nearby Glenns Creek.

The company operates 126 barrel warehouses, which collectively hold 3.3 million barrels, in the state. The painstaking process of recovering barrels is continuing as part of the distiller's overall plan that included taking down the entire structure.

They say once the fire is put out, power will be restored in the McCracken Pike, Hanly Lane, and Deerwood area.