230 new emojis have been approved for release

230 new emojis have been approved for release

More than 50 new emojis will become standard in 2019, based on the final list approved by theUnicode Consortium.

Indeed, the "period emoji", as pointed out by the Daily Mirror, was reportedly spearheaded into subsistence by children and girls' watchdog Plan International U.K. as a way to end the stigma surrounding menstruation, a point echoed by Mashable. Music icons finally get their banjo solo, the only new instrument we see.

You will also find a new emoji with a yawning face, a pinch in hand, a flamenco, a wheelchair, onion and garlic, a snorkel equipment, a skunk, a band-aid, a chair and a banjo.

The new emoji typically start showing up on mobile phones in September/October - some platforms may release them earlier.

If you want a closer look at the new emojis that will be invading your smartphone sooner rather than later, the video below is well worth checking out.

And one of the emojis which has been released is called the "drop of blood" emoji.

The new disability-related icons were requested by Apple past year.

If you've been frustrated because there's not a sloth emoji, the Unicode Consortium has come to your rescue. "And it's time for interracial couples to be represented in our universal language".

"An emoji isn't going to solve this, but it can help change the conversation. We are represented in the most personal part of our lives". The company acknowledged that the additions do not reflect the whole range of experiences of those with disabilities, but said they offer "an initial starting point for greater representation for diversity within the emoji universe". One person, commenting on Plan International's tweet about the news, described the new emoji as "stunning and brave".

These reflect the diversity in our society, including men and women in wheelchairs, people who are deaf, and people who are blind. "But I think a lot of us, we love our dogs and we love to show off our dogs".