2018 iPad Pro May Get iPhone X's Coolest Feature

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The company will add its TrueDepth camera, which enables the iPhone X's Face ID and talking emoji tech, to next year's iPad Pro, according to an industry insider.

During the interaction, Ive who reportedly has over 5000 patents under his name stated that he detested most smartphones that came from his rivals and preferred Apple's own iPhone over them. The feature Kuo is talking about is none other than the TrueDepth Camera, which will bring the Face ID support to the next-generation iPad Pro models.

Apple Korea is expected to open reservations for the new iPhone 8 via the country's top three mobile carriers on October 27, they added.

Apple ditched the tried-and-tested Touch ID on the iPhone X, opting instead for Face ID. In a note obtained by MacRumors, Kuo relays that the vaunted iPhone "supercycle" won't happen in 2017 as it will take Apple some time to really ramp up production to meet what will likely be staggering demand.

The iPhone maker, Apple, recently addressed reports concerning a number of iPhone 8 Plus units that apparently had swelling battery issues. In lieu of the new AirPods, the phone will ship with an adapter and a set of EarPods that you can use with your new iPhone.

Kuo believes that the feature will be available on the company's most premium tablet - the iPad Pro and not the cheaper models such as the iPad or the iPad Mini. Still when it comes for the iPhone purchase there are many factors gets involve: - affordability -storage size need- or because of the increasing reliance on the cloud with features like iCloud or Apple Music streaming.

It is predicted that the new Face ID feature in 2018 iPhone models. One analyst believes that the earnings per share value of Apple is expected to increase in the fiscal year 2018, allowing the stock to be pushed to a trillion-dollar market capitalization.

Apple apparently sent orders to Samsung Display, the iPhone X's OLED display manufacturer, for 5.28-, 5.85-, and 6.46-inch OLED displays, but the one for the smallest display has been canceled, according to ET News. Not only will the 2018 iPad Pro models adopt the technology, but all 2018 iPhones may as well.